● What is the required format of the letter?

Please note that there is no specific format for letters of recommendation: the more personalized and detailed they are, the better we can learn to know the candidate’s skills. The reference letters have to be  signed by the referee  and if possible stamped or on a headed letter.

● Can I upload a reference letter myself?

No. If you have a reference letter you wish to add, you must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

● How do I know my referees uploaded their letters?

You receive an automatic email each time a reference letter is uploaded.
Moreover, on the reference section of your profile, there will be a green circle on the top left side of each referee section that was completed. If not (letter still pending), the circle remains grey.

● Does the order I choose to fill in the referee section matters?

No, the jury will attach the same importance to each letter.

● When do referees receive the automatic Email?

When you fill in the form, you will have to name at least two contacts as referees. You need to contact your referees before filling up the form.
As soon as you save the form (even if you did not submit you file yet, and even if your file is not complete yet) your referees will receive an automatic email containing a link. They will need to go to this link and follow the instructions to upload their reference letter.

● My referee did not receive the automatic email.

First, check that you wrote the email address correctly.
Second, advise your referee to check his spam folder.
You can then try again sending him a reminder.
If your referee still did not get the email please contact us.

● Can I submit my application file even if my referees have not uploaded their reference letters yet?

Yes you can. Once you have made your requests for reference letters to at least 2 referees, you can validate and send your application file. Your status will then be “complete – LOR pending”. Once two letters of recommendation have been uploaded your status will be “complete”.

● What if my referees did not upload their letters before the application deadline?

If you applied to the first session and if your file is complete except for the LORs we will contact you and ask you whether want to wait for the second session of admission.
If you applied to the second session, we will consider that your application file is not complete and will be automatically rejected